Resit Exam

June 16, Friday 2017

at 10:00


Make-up Exam

June 7, Wednesday 2017

at 10:00


II.Midterm Exam

May 10, Wednesday 2017

at 17:20 - MB-07



I.Midterm Exam

March 28, Tuesday 2017

at 10:00 - LA15





Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ziya Esen

Materials Science and Engineering Department, NB-16

Tel: 0312 233 1395


Expert Ezgi Bütev,

Materials Science and Engineering Dept. NB-09,


Tel: 0312 233 2330


Course Schedule

Tuesday : 09:20-12:10 (NB-06)


Course Description

Property changes due to heat treatment. Iron-carbon system. Solubility. Austenitizing, transformation of austenite, Microstructure development. Microstructure-property relationship. I-T and C-T diagrams, annealing, normalizing, hardening, CCR (critical cooling rate). Actual cooling rate, quenching media, size and mass effect. Hardenability and applications of hardenability data in plain carbon and alloy steels. Tempering. Secondary hardening, temper embrittlement, austempering. Case hardening (flame&induction hardening, carburizing, nitriding, etc.). Formation and effect of residual stresses, application of martempering.